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Q&A with Phil Hegseth of Forest Lake

By Jim Paulsen, 11/21/10, 8:57PM CST


Phil Hegseth is the captain and leading returning scorer from Forest Lake's 2010 Class 4A State Tournament boys' basketball team.

• Most memorable moment as a high school athlete? That would have to be last year, beating Duluth East in the [Section 7, Class 4A] finals.

• What did you do this fall to get ready for basketball season? I did a lot of fall basketball league stuff. I'm a captain, so I thought it was important to be around the team more.

• What needs to happen to make this season as successful as last year? This year, we're going to have to work harder and play smarter. We may not make the most amazing plays, but we'll get the job done.

• Basketball is: My life. My dad was a coach for 20 years -- my brothers both played. I grew up playing in tyke hoops, in pools. I made my first basket in the rain. Every second, it seems, basketball is all around me.

• What is your signature shot? I prefer a three-pointer from about 4 feet back. But if we need a bucket, I'll attack and spin back left for a jumper from about 12 to 15 feet out.

• What is something you would like to improve? Being more organized with my life. Walk into my room, you can't see the floor. I've got no chance in college.

• If you couldn't play basketball, you would ...: Be really big into motorcycles. I just got my first one. They fascinate me.

Phil Hegseth

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